Shortlette Slip Shorts: Smoother Without Shape Wear

by Carrie Adorna May 02, 2014

No matter how I say it, no matter how many times I say it, I still get looks of disbelief that I make a product that looks like shape wear but isn't.   I really don't understand why.  Not every woman wants to be squeezed right?  Well, I know that to be true because our sales wouldn't be up over 1000% in the past 3 months with 14% of customers reordering within 90 days.  Enough with the facts.


What brought this on?  I have a consultant who works with me to brainstorm ideas to keep things fresh.  Unfortunately, all of her latest ideas were tagged with #shapewear.  She even suggested a post claiming that shapewear can flatten your stomach.  WT*!  Isn't it obvious that we are an anti-shapewear company? I have listed on all my products and welcome page "This is not shapewear."  I had to do that because the first question everyone asks me is, "Oh, is this like Spanx?"  I always reply, "No, we are an anti-shapwear company dedicated to the comfort of women."


If you already have Shortlettes, you have realized that while Undersummers Shortlette Slip Shorts in no way squeeze you to make you smaller, they do eliminate some pretty interesting lines and make dresses and skirts lay nicer.  *Disclosure this is a pretty sheer dress.  I wouldn't normally wear dark garments with it, but that's what I had for the pictures.

Boy Shorts.  Notice the waist line and hip indent.  Not pretty.  Not to mention they were riding up in my crotch.  I really dislike boy shorts.  Enough said.  

Regular Full coverage underwear.  This is the underwear I had on with my workout pants when I decided to write this blog.  So not pretty! By the second picture I remembered why I hate wearing dresses with regular underwear.  My legs were already sticking together.  LOL


Nylons.  This is my best attempt at showing you shapewear. I refuse to put them on anymore.  These nylons did smooth my butt and the waist line isn't too bad, but look at what they did to my tummy!


I actually could feel my stomach wanting to expand outwards.  What a weird feeling!  This pair was surprisingly itchy and that combined with that swish, swish walking sound made me so happy I don't wear these anymore!


So let's Compare them to Undersummers Shortlette Slip Shorts:

Undersumers Lace Shortlette Slip Short. This is a front view.  I'm wearing Brown Leapard and this dress is surprisingly sheer so you can see the outline of the Lace, but my hip & waist looks smooth.  The front seems are slightly visible which I find a bit sexy and interesting. 

Undersummers Classic Shortlette Slip Short in beige.  So strange how my tummy isn't doing that weird thing it it in the nylons!  At this point, my dress is full of static but I guess that's better for you to see all my bumps & curves:)

Undersummers Classic Shortlette Slip Short: Back View.  Looking pretty good!  The Classic should look the same as the lace.


Undersummers 24/7 Shortlette Slip Short in Coral: Front View.  Just a touch of the waist band can be seen.  Seams are in the back rather than the front.  Looks pretty smooth.

Undersummers 24/7 Shortlette Slip Short: Back View.  Very Interesting.   No back fat ridges.  Subtle seam can be seen.  Just think of it as a sexy secret, or not so secret that you like to show off:)

So that's it, my size 14 body "smoothed" but not squished by Undersummers:)
Here's to a comfy summer!


Carrie Adorna
Carrie Adorna


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