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December 14, 2015

Undersummers shortlettes started as an idea and have blossomed into a small business that continues to grow thanks to organic sharing. As our journey continues, we want to specifically thank the wonderful bloggers and journalists that continue to help make this company what it is today. And thank you to all of our fabulous customers who have taken the time to write reviews on our site. As of 12/14/2015, we have 940 reviews!


Here are some of the amazing articles and blogs featuring our shortlettes. 

Leslie with xojane.com explored different solutions to end summertime discomfort and included Undersummers Lace Shortlettes in her review.

"An unexpected bonus: the fabric used in the lace style shorts is slippery enough that it doesn’t catch on skirts." ~Leslie


Australian blogger Lilli, of Frocks & Frou Frou included Undersummers in her own review of ways to beat hot weather issues.

Thigh-hard | Frocks & Frou Frou

"They’re designed to be flashed around, so it’s not the end of the world if a gust of wind catches your skirt and flashes the world." ~Lilli


Jen with Abby Post made her personal list of the best Chub Rub products, giving Undersummers shortlettes the highest ranking.

The Best Chub Rub Products (And the Holy Grail!)

"These are the holy grail of chub rub prevention!" ~Jen


Our friends at Dare Magazine Canada cover the best ways to avoid chafing problems in their Spring 2015 issue.

Solutions for Inner-Thigh Chafing

"Lightweight and breathable, Undersummers Shortlettes will flatter your curves while protecting your thighs."

"these slip shorts are so smooth you won’t even know they’re there."


We were thrilled to be featured prominently on Buzzfeed.com's article addressing sweaty thighs.

13 Ways To Deal With Hot, Sweaty Thighs During The Summer

"If you’re dealing with chronic chub rub and creams don’t cut it, get yourself a pair of these bad boys."


Undersummers' own CarrieRae is a featured fashion industry expert, discussing ways the industry is changing to be inclusive of all sizes in this Modern Wellness Guide article.

Behind the Curve: the Full-Figured Women of Fashion Speak Out

"Size and cut dictate how something fits, so ignore the number and pick clothes by how they fit and feel. Clothes that skim or hug the body without squeezing are more comfortable and more flattering, no matter what the size label says." ~CarrieRae


Casey, who pens the blog Adventures of a Part Time Wheeler references learning about Undersummers shortlettes from the xoJane article and adds her opinion.

Underneath gimpy fa(t)shion

"Holy cats are these things comfortable!  I wouldn’t take them off that night and ended up sleeping in them instead of pajama bottoms." ~Casey


Another xoJane reader, Ruby Mcconnel took the advice to try Undersummers and reviewed them in her article on Girl Gone Wild.

Gear Guide I- What's The Expiration Date On That?

"They are made of a light weight, breathable slip fabric and are thin enough to wear as shorts under pretty much anything." ~Ruby

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Size Chart & Fit

Shortlettes are generously sized  to hug but not squeeze your curves.  They are not compression and do not feel like nylons/hosiery, shapewear, bike shorts, or compression pants.  Shortlettes are simply comfortable.  They are not made to be tight, feel constricting, shape, pinch, or bind.  The longer lengths allows for maximum chafe protection and comfort.

Correct Fit Guidelines:
✔️ Waist should not roll
✔️ Body should glide comfortably against the skin
✔️ Legs should not ride up while walking

Signs of Incorrect Fit:
✖️ Baggy crotch (too big)
✖️ Running at the seams/Wears to fast (too small)
✖️ Slides Down (too small)
✖️ Legs ride up (too small)

Which is the best fit?

CarrieRae's Recommendations:

Under 5'4" - High Thigh & Athletic

Plus Size - Fusion, Classic, or Original Lace

Apple Shaped - Fusion, Classic, or Original Lace

Pear Shaped - Try them all!

Hourglass - Lace or High Thigh

Slender - High Thigh or Athletic

My Shortlettes fall down, why? Are Shortlettes shape wear? Are they compression shorts?
How are Shortlettes different than other slip shorts or bike shorts? How long do Undersummers products last? Can you let your Shortlettes Show? Do you have a maternity version?

Contact Us:  Do you have a question that is not answered here?  Email us at info@undersummers.com and we will respond within 1 business day.