Breathe Out Fear, Breathe in Courage

Breathe Out Fear, Breathe in Courage

March 20, 2020

These are difficult times with fear levels surging regarding COVID-19.  For 20 years of my life I lived with crippling anxiety.  My brain lived in panic mode, a swirling hamster wheel of nonsensical thoughts.  I lived in a world of "what if" this happens, none of it real, all manufactured out of extreme fear. 

My body responded to the chaos of my brain with a racing heart, sweaty palms and pits, wrenching stomach aches, and life stopping migraines. 

What I failed to realize that my anxiety was unacknowledged fear. 

Fear of the unknown. 

Fear of the of the worst case scenario.

Fear of the future.

They are all the one and the same.  Fear of the unknown future.

Breathe Out Fear, Breate In Courage

We only have today.  We only have today, everyday.  24 hours. Today.

We cannot begin to tell the future and the future we cannot control.  Stay in the moment.

Breathe in courage, breathe out the fear.  You've got this my friends.





CarrieRae Munson is the founder of Undersummmers Shortlettes, FOB Rasor and Lifers for Life Veteran's support network.


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We recommend ordering based on your measurements
 Size (USA) Waist (in) Hip (in)
Small 30-31 37-38
Medium 32-33 39-41
Large 34-36 42-45
X-Large (1X) 37-38 46-49
2X 39-42 50-53
3X 44-48 54-57
4X 49-53 54-57
5X* Fusion only 54-58 62-66
 Size (USA) Waist (cm) Hip (cm)
Small 76-79 93-97
Medium 81-84 99-104
Large 86-91 106-114
X-Large (1X) 93-96 116-124
2X 99-107 127-134
3X 112-122 137-144
4X 124-134 147-154
5X* Fusion only 137-147 157-163


Shortlettes are generously sized  to hug but not squeeze your curves.  They are not compression and do not feel like nylons/hosiery, shapewear, bike shorts, or compression pants.  Shortlettes are simply comfortable.  They are not made to be tight, feel constricting, shape, pinch, or bind.  The longer lengths allows for maximum chafe protection and comfort.

Correct Fit Guidelines:
✔️ Waist should not roll
✔️ Body should glide comfortably against the skin
✔️ Legs should not ride up while walking

Signs of Incorrect Fit:
✖️ Baggy crotch (too big)
✖️ Running at the seams/Wears to fast (too small)
✖️ Slides Down (too small)
✖️ Legs ride up (too small)

Which is the best fit?

CarrieRae's Recommendations:

Under 5'4" - High Thigh, Athletic, or Classic Styles

Plus Size - Fusion, Classic, or Original Lace

Apple Shaped - Fusion, Classic, or Original Lace

* Order the size in-between your waist and hip measurement.  I.e.  Waist 3X + Hip XL = Order 2X

Pear Shaped - Try them all!

Hourglass - Lace or High Thigh

Slender - High Thigh or Athletic

My Shortlettes fall down, why? Are Shortlettes shape wear? Are they compression shorts?
How are Shortlettes different than other slip shorts or bike shorts? How long do Undersummers products last? Can you let your Shortlettes Show?

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