Learning to Love My Thighs

Learning to Love My Thighs

April 13, 2019

Learning to Love My Thighs | Undersummers by CarrieRae

I never liked my thighs, really I hated my thighs (and my arms).  I have a Nordic Viking like quality about me - thick arms and thick legs.  My mother hid her arms and legs with sleeves and pants and I was taught to follow suit. One day in high school after taking an exam, I was alone in a hall and a classmate of mine called me thunder thighs. I was a high school swimmer and always in suits, but never out of the water where I was comfortably hidden.

When I was newly married in 1999, I visited my in-laws (now ex-in laws) in the Philippines.  Lolo (Grandfather) told my husband at the time, "At least she won't blow over, she has legs like a long horn."  I was told of this later via translation and completely devastated and in shock. I was always uncomfortable in the PH, it was hot and miserable.  I could not buy clothes or shoes there as I was a giant, so I was generally stuck with short and tanks suffering miserably.  Knowing the family saw me as a literal outsider, an animal, made the suffering worse.

I struggled with my weight growing from a healthy 155 to 235 and floating around to every weight up and down and in between.  The crazy part of my younger years, is I was actually a very healthy weight and beautiful (I just couldn't see that.... I had a sort of body image sickness).

A Moment of Clarity

One day,  I had an awakening or a moment of clarity.  I consciously decided, I was no longer going to hide under my clothes.  My arms are my arms, my thighs are my thighs and I want to be comfortable!  The moment of clarity was fast, the evolution in my psyche was slow over the next 20 years.

I took to wearing tank tops first, showing my arms.  This was a big deal, for a big girl who was shown to cover her arms in shame.  Oh what a freeing experience! Wearing nonrestrictive tanks in the hot summer! What a relief to "be ok" with showing my arms.

Body image fears have different ways of manifesting its ugliness in me.  Sure I had some fears of what my family thought of me, what the community thought of me, more more ugly was the fear of myself.  I feared my skin touching my skin.  Rubbing of my inner arms on my side and even worse, the rubbing of my bare thighs when I walked.  This fear is great, a breath-taking fear to take a step.  The fire that occurs between steps is too great to push through knowing that days of bleeding and sores are sure to ensue.  What an embarrassing calamity, my body failing me.  I am not able to comfortably move, play, and enjoy life because of my thick rubbing together thighs.

I moved to Houston, Texas in 2009.  This climate is not for the faint of heart and most certainly not  comfortable for this Minnesota Girl.  In 2011, I was ready to conquering my leg fears.. unknowingly ready to change my life!

Conquering the Thigh Fear

In 2011, I was a 35 year old mom of two boys.  A Speech Language Pathologist for our local school district.  Married but alone, my husband always traveling for work.  A transplant in hot and humid Houston, Texas.  I wore a size "14ish" at the time.

I wanted to be comfortable at work and look professional.  I couldn't wear shorts and pants are hot when doing therapy on the floor, playground, recess, or wherever else I was needed.  I wanted to wear dresses.  I envisioned them being cool and comfortable an easy to wear solution to my troubles with one caveat, the feeling of my thighs rubbing together felt like  a blistering sun burn between my thighs.  I tried everything: literally everything.  I tried lotions powders and balms.  I tried wearing cut off nylons, bike shorts, cut of capris, and SPANX.  Everyone was trying the new shapewear but I couldn't stand it! It was itchy, hot, and really uncomfortable (not to mention it rolled up my legs into a panty!)  I wanted something comfortable, cool, pretty, and functional.  I didn't want to have to pull the legs down when I walked, ever!

With that inspiration lots of trial and error, I created The Original Shortlette®️ by Undersummers to "wear under summer" skirts and dresses.  My mission began for me, to create a comfortable long legged panty or bloomer to wear under skirts and dresses and has become the brand mission, We want you to LOVE your thighs.

 LOVE Your Thighs

I love my thighs today. I love that I can slip on a pair of Shortlettes®️ and forget my thighs for the day. My thighs are now ironically all over the internet, my size 10-14 thighs everywhere for the world to see in my cute and comfy Undersummers Shortlettes.  I learned to love my thighs when I leg go of the fear of them.  My thigh saving Shortlettes helped me and they can help you too!





CarrieRae Munson is the owner and creator of the Undersummers Shortlette®️, cute, comfy, thigh savers made to help you love your thighs.

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We recommend ordering based on your measurements
 Size (USA) Waist (in) Hip (in)
Small 30-31 37-38
Medium 32-33 39-41
Large 34-36 42-45
X-Large (1X) 37-38 46-49
2X 39-42 50-53
3X 44-48 54-57
4X 49-53 58-61
5X 54-58 62-66
 Size (USA) Waist (cm) Hip (cm)
Small 76-79 93-97
Medium 81-84 99-104
Large 86-91 106-114
X-Large (1X) 93-96 116-124
2X 99-107 127-134
3X 112-122 137-144
4X 124-134 147-154
5X* Fusion only 137-147 157-163


Shortlettes are generously sized  to hug but not squeeze your curves.  They are not compression and do not feel like nylons/hosiery, shapewear, bike shorts, or compression pants.  Shortlettes are simply comfortable.  They are not made to be tight, feel constricting, shape, pinch, or bind.  The longer lengths allows for maximum chafe protection and comfort.

Correct Fit Guidelines:
✔️ Waist should not roll
✔️ Body should glide comfortably against the skin
✔️ Legs should not ride up while walking

Signs of Incorrect Fit:
✖️ Baggy crotch (too big)
✖️ Running at the seams/Wears to fast (too small)
✖️ Slides Down (too small)
✖️ Legs ride up (too small)

Which is the best fit?

CarrieRae's Recommendations:

Under 5'4" - High Thigh, Athletic, or Classic Styles

Plus Size - Fusion, Classic, or Original Lace

Apple Shaped - Fusion, Classic, or Original Lace

* Order the size in-between your waist and hip measurement.  I.e.  Waist 3X + Hip XL = Order 2X

Pear Shaped - Try them all!

Hourglass - Lace or High Thigh

Slender - High Thigh or Athletic

My Shortlettes fall down, why? Are Shortlettes shape wear? Are they compression shorts?
How are Shortlettes different than other slip shorts or bike shorts? How long do Undersummers products last? Can you let your Shortlettes Show?

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