Transformation of Your Summer Wordrobe

by Carrie Munson July 12, 2016

I'm a mom, mother of two teenage boys.  I'm just like you.  I drive around like a crazy person every morning for drop offs and every afternoon at pick up time. I spend my evenings sitting in the gym watching practices and my weekends watching games.  Don't get me wrong, I love it but I definitely sacrificed my style for a more comfortable soccer mom look.  I constantly had my hair in a barely secured pony tail because I was too busy to get a hair cut more than every 6 months.  I wore yoga pants for days because lets face it, nothing is more comfortable than yoga pants and a tank top or sweatshirt.


When I created Undersummers Shortlette Slip Shorts I wanted to wear something comfortable.  I didn't intend to change my wardrobe but before I knew it, my closet was filled with dresses and skirts. I chopped off my hair.  I had unknowingly transformed myself with a little help from my Undersummers Shortlette Slip Shorts.

Undersummers Slip Shorts

The most exciting part of the creation of Undersummers is that I'm not the only woman that has experienced this transformation.  Women contact me weekly sharing their stories of replacing their summer and work wardrobes.  I'm honored to be part of your transformations ladies!




Carrie Munson
Carrie Munson


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