Back to Values During Crisis

Back to Values During Crisis

April 03, 2020

Back to Values During Crisis

I'm trying something new during the COVID-19 crisis, weekly blogging.  Bare with me while I figure this out.  I've always been more of a listener than a talker and even less of a writer.  I'm a very private, introverted person, but the people who have let me in, let me see how their brain works are the ones with have impacted me the greatest.  I'm attempting to do that here: be vulnerable and let you all in. To my entrepreneurial friends, I want to help.

The past three weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions.  I snap back and forth like being catapulted back and forth from slingshot to slingshot.  I never stop.  My brain is racing between "I'm going to be ok" and "f*" followed by a deep panic into the worst case scenario abyss.  I appear to be jerking quickly back and forth between the two every few minutes. 




My emotions want to take hold of me and strip me off all rational thought and the ability to make a decision.


After a few days of these exhausting exchanges in in my head, I found relief in acknowledging that I do not have control over this virus and the effects on our people, community or economy.  I do not have control over the government shutting down our businesses.  I do not have control over my friends' worry.  I do not have control over what happens next in the economy.

I found temporary relief in acknowledging that I do not have control over these outcomes, I do have control over sticking to my values.


I'm ok.....I'm not ** ok...

Insert Values Here❤️


This is a time to go back to basics.  What is important to me?

How can I spend my energy, right now adhering to my beliefs?

When I can't make a decision, go back to my values. 


I will never make a bad decision if I act according to the things I believe in most.


It seems so personal to write about my values, so personal.  Fear of judgement floods my brain, but I know that this is who you already see. 

I value family and loyalty.  Love & be loved. 

I value community. Caring for our own.  Be of Service.

I value respecting the rules.

I value moderation.  Waste not. 

I value hard work and tenacity.

I value independence and creativity.


Today is a new day and fresh start.  I cannot control COVID-19 and it ravaging my friends, our communities, our country, our world.  Today, I will mindfully act adhering to my values.  I'm starting with publishing this blog.

What will you do today?




CarrieRae Munson is the founder of Undersummmers Shortlettes, FOB Rasor and Lifers for Life Veteran's support network.  

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