Our Story

Undersummers was founded and created by CarrieRae Munson, out of her own need for a solution for protection and thigh chafing in the unbearable Texas heat. Being a Minnesota transplant, and a lover of breezy, cool dresses, she wanted to create a solution for the thigh burn that comes along with excessive thigh rubbing. She tried everything; Cut-off nylons, yoga pants, bike shorts, balms, lotions, powders, even shape wear, but nothing seemed to solve the problem. She was absolutely frustrated by the lack of feminine, functional, non-shapewear and COMFORTABLE options so she designed the Shortlette. After countless runs of trial and error, within 6 months she had mastered her designs and Undersummers by CarrieRae Shortlettes were born.

Size Chart & Fit

Undersummers fit and size chartShortlettes are generously sized  to hug but not squeeze your curves.  They are not compression and do not feel like nylons/hosiery, shapewear, bike shorts, or compression pants.  Shortlettes are simply comfortable.  They are not made to be tight, feel constricting, shape, pinch, or bind.  The longer lengths allows for maximum chafe protection and comfort.

Correct Fit Guidelines:
✔️ Waist should not roll
✔️ Body should glide comfortably against the skin
✔️ Legs should not ride up while walking

Signs of Incorrect Fit:
✖️ Baggy crotch (too big)
✖️ Running at the seams/Wears to fast (too small)
✖️ Slides Down (too small)
✖️ Legs ride up (too small)

Which is the best fit?

CarrieRae's Recommendations:

Under 5'4" - High Thigh & Athletic

Plus Size - Fusion, Classic, or Original Lace

Apple Shaped - Fusion, Classic, or Original Lace

Pear Shaped - Try them all!

Hourglass - Lace or High Thigh

Slender - High Thigh or Athletic

My Shortlettes fall down, why? Are Shortlettes shape wear? Are they compression shorts?
How are Shortlettes different than other slip shorts or bike shorts? How long do Undersummers products last? Can you let your Shortlettes Show? Do you have a maternity version?

Contact Us:  Do you have a question that is not answered here?  Email us at info@undersummers.com and we will respond within 1 business day.