Lace Shortlettes - Full coverage, 9.25” inseam, lace at the waist and lace trim on the legs
Classic Shortlettes - Elastic waistband, hemmed legs. Same body as the Lace Shortlettes, but a shorter inseam because there is no lace on the legs.
Fusion Shortlettes - A combination of the first two, an elastic waistband, but with lace trim, giving them the full 9.25” inseam

High Thigh Lace Shortlettes - Our original Lace Shortlette with a shorter inseam of 7.25."

Athletic Underwear - Our shortest inseam of 6", with a fabric band waistband and hemmed legs. There is also a crop length version currently available.

I'm not sure what size to order?

  • We recommend ordering based on hip measurements.  If you are in between sizes, order a size down.  Try your Shortlettes on when they arrive with your own undergarments to make sure they don't ride up when you walk, creep when you sit, or roll at the waist.  They should be comfortable without being tight.  Contact us at if you need an exchange.
    Which is the best fit?
    • Every woman's body is a little different and that is why we have 5 styles. The Lace offers more coverage with a longest length.  The Classic is great for women who don't want lace. 
    • If you want Shortlettes for a shorter skirt (but not too short, the Classic is recommended).
    • If you are under 5'4," we recommend the High Thigh, formerly called "Petite," Lace Shortlette or Classic Shortlette.
    What are the inseam lengths?
    • The Lace Shortlette offers the most modesty and chafing protection with a 9.25" inseam.  Don't be afraid of this length.  If you are a modest woman, then your skirt isn't much shorter than this.
    • High Thigh Lace Shortlette: 7.25"
    • Classic Shortlette: 7.25"
    • Athletic Underwear 6"
    Why don't the Shortlettes in the picture look the same lengths on me?
    • The length will depend on your individual height & leg length.  Inseams of each Undersummers Shortlette are provided for measuring purposes. 
      My Shortlettes fall down, why?
      • It is probably a size too big or too small.  If fitting properly the waistband should sit close to the natural waist in the back (lower in the front).  The waist should not roll.   The Shortlette should comfortably hug the body (not tight in any way).  It also should not be baggy.


      • If the Shortlette is not baggy but slides down, it is probably a size too small.  It needs to sit higher towards the natural waist in the back to stay put during normal activity.

      Are Shortlettes shape wear?  Do they compress at all?
      • No, I like to say we are an anti-shape wear company.  Our Shortlettes have ample stretch to grow but not squeeze.  They are made to feel good and let your clothes hang nicely on your body.
      How are Shortlettes different than other slip shorts or bike shorts?
      • Undersummers Shortlette Slip Shorts are very different.  Our specific function is for anti-chafing so we have a seam free inner thigh and stay put leg.   Shortlettes are also made to be worn as underwear.  Our fabrics should not feel itchy or hot like nylon does when it gets hot or wet.  Our fabrics are generously cut to make you feel great.  We never skimp on lace or fabrics.
      How long do Undersummers products last?
      • With proper care, machine wash cold, line dry, no bleach, they should last a very long time.  I have Shorlettes that are nearly 5 years old!
      Are Shortlettes like bloomers or petty-pants?
      • Yes and no.  They fit differently than bloomers and petty-pants because they are more fitted to the body.  Our fabrics are different also.  Shortlettes do serve the same modesty functions as bloomers and petty-pants.
      Why are Shortlettes so long?
      • Shortlettes Slip Shorts to wear under skirts and dresses were specifically designed for rash protection and so that the legs would stay put while walking and running.  Shorter shorts cause the leg to ride up which is not only uncomfortable but puts you at risk for chafing.  Shortlettes fit with a no gimmicky way of staying put.  If you would like a shorter length try the Athletic Underwear or Classic versions. 
      Why are Shortlettes so comfortable?
      • Well there are many reasons one is fit but the second reason is the seam free inner thigh.  It is more expensive to remove the seam from the inner thigh but once you try a pair of our Shortlette, you will understand why having it gone is so good!  You never have to worry about tearing a seam and being unprotected.
      Can you let your Shortlettes Show?
      • I wouldn't have made them so pretty if they weren't made to be seen!  Go ahead, let them show and peak out from under your skirt.  They are sexy after all!  When I am out and about, everyone says "hi" with a big flash of their Shortlettes to me:)  Maybe that will become the new proper way to say "hello!"  LOL
          Why is there not a full cotton version?
          • We get this question all the time!  Our Signature Stay Cool fabrics are made with a very high quality polyester/spandex blend.  Please do not let this scare you.  This fabric was carefully chosen for it's lightweight, breathable, and moisture wicking abilities.  It is very soft and smooth to the touch and lets clothes & legs glide freely.  Our lace is very soft to the touch and is not itchy. We have tried a full cotton version and have found because of the cling, the Shortlettes do not function as intended.
            Do you have a maternity version?
            • No but women report that Shortlette fit fine during pregnancy (which I am not surprised about given the stretchy nature of our fabric).  Some women have reported that the Athletic Underwear fits better, while others like all the styles.  Order one size up from the regular maternity size you are currently wearing. 
            • One wonderful customer sent me some pictures!  She is 8.5 months pregnant.  Wears a small maternity so she is wearing a MEDIUM Undersummers Slip Set.  She is 5'5" and wearing a High Thigh Lace.
            • Athletic Underwear
            • Lace High Thigh
            • Lace High Thigh
            • This is what she told me, "The small top is tight right now but would be fine after baby.  My husband thinks they are sexy!!  I hope it helps other people to see how useful they can be.  I could wear these all day.  They are seriously comfy." K.H. Kingwood, TX


            Contact Us:  Do you have a question that is not answered here?  Email us at and we will respond within 1 business day.